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Finances have always been my thing. I actually end up studying a finance degree. I was 100% convinced that If I wanted to have something in life I had to work super hard and save money to buy it. That was one of the money saving tips that my parents taught me. 

Also, I believed there where some unachievable things, the things that artists had. The fabulous life they where living was just not for me, I could never dream about being in a Ferrari or getting in a private plane. Luxury hotels and five michelin star restaurants weren’t for me. 

The advice that changed my live….

Once, I read that if I wanted to change something in my life I had to change the believes I had about life, I understood why I was like that. In other words… I had to think I was a super successful person, in order to became on.

When you are starting out in life you have more time than money right? You put a low price on your time because you don’t have a choice. My hour used to be worth between $15-$30 USD. If you stop and think about that, the most valuable resource, the one thing we can’t have more and is not renewable is TIME. Then why do we sell it for so little?

I guess we don’t think is as valued as it is, or we don’t know the answer. 

Model Success

 If we analyze a successful person… let say we dream about “Tony Robbins’ life”. or any successful person. What is the different between them and us?? (I’m not talking about material stuff) is their way of seeing life.

They all started selling their time for very little as we are, the different is that they knew they had to save and start a passive income method. They had to invest their little money for something that will give them long lasting fruits… And today they work with their money, multiplying it.  Finally giving value to their precious time. 

There is a thin line between the people who used to be “regular” and invest in value. And us who are “regular” today and invest in desires. 

  • Rule: work with your time, until you have enough money to make it work for you and preserve your one true value in life that is time!

Money saving tip: Saving to buy material stuff

A friend of mine, had a mediocre job she hated. She envy all of those who had successful lives and she thought if she dressed like them and act like them she could be one of them.

She was always saving money to buy a new car, handbags or clothes. She did end up buying them, but as soon as she had them she wanted something ever better.

That is what happens with desires. They don’t end up filling the empty hole, instead they make it bigger and never satisfy us. For me it’s the worst saving tip, that someone can give you.

money saving tips
money saving tips

Saving to have more knowledge

Long ago I read T. Harv Eker’s book: He said that he once was miserable and hadn’t accomplished anything with his life. But once he started modeling successful people’s lives, and acting like one, he was finally able to become one. 

There’s where my head got lighten up! I could try the same thing. I had nothing to loose, The advices of my frustrated friends and family made me one of them. Spending too much time with poor minded people, was making me one. 

Knowledge is the one true thing that can never go away, EVER! Knowledge is your companion in all live’s circumstances. 

Poor people dress like rich people, rich people don’t care at all!

Some friends buy expensive brands and wear them all together at the same time, they want to tell people they can wear them too.  I also know rich successful people that dress however they want, but the difference between both of them is that successful people never forget who they are. 

Poor people make poor decision in everything including money!

Let’s imagine we are successful, strong and determined… how would we save money?

1.- Make a low salary a temporary thing, and not THE only thing.

 Sometimes working in a low paying company, and having no choice because you need money to make a  living. It’s fine only if you start building another stream of income that can one day make you quit your job and start living differently.

2.- Always, Always, Always save at least 30% of your income. 

By this I don’t mean to fall into the vicious circle of saving, buying desires, saving and ending broke again. 

My best saving money tips is this: open an investment account, start saving and be willing to spend it in something that will give you long lasting fruits.

money saving tips
money saving tips
3.- Get new friends (with a different mentality)

This sounds weird on the money saving tips list but If you have poor mentality friends, with bad money habits you will always be broke. If you are in a party, restaurant or trip with them I hardly believe you will just watch them take bad money decisions and not joining them.

But don’t worry, as soon as you start going to new environments in your new business there will be plenty of new friends for you!


4. Get rid of the 8 hour working day habit

Forget the belief that we have to work 8 hours or more a day, to be successful. Then, we have a big problem. Let’s go back again to remembering our valued resourced called time. Let’s start enjoying our time, being with family, friends, exercise and hobbies.

Remember: Work smarter not harder!!

money saving tips

5. Stop trying to buy a personality/ identity

Your personality is not under your Gucci, Prada or any brand accessory. Is not who you are. and I love brands and fashion but is not what defines me. If you can have a true personality, I bet you will save tons of money by stop buying things you don’t need.

Love the quote that says: “The physical attracts us but the personality makes us falls in love”.

People will love you when they get to know you, not when they see you. 

money saving tips

6. Exercise and a healthy lifestyle is a MUST

My father used to say to me that he didn’t like to go to the gym because he preferred to make money. I can tell you where that took him, He had many healthy problems, got too many pounds and spent all the money he made on doctors. 

Sometimes I like to think that your outside situation is the reflect of your inside situation. If you feel good, healthy and happy. You are ok with yourself, I can bet that your life and situation is also great. 

Also you take poor decisions in money, life and relationships when you are not on your best self.

money saving tips

In conclusion

I can give you thousands of money saving Tips, but for me saving money is changing my lifestyle. Being rich is being, healthy, happy and with money. It’s a full word with a wide meaning. 

Saving money isn’t the answer if you are not willing to change your surroundings, instead you will be trapped in a life you hate. What if we save money to buy something that can give us money and change our daily routine?? Then all of our problems will be solved. 

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