The Best Passive Income Ideas for 2019

So, the best way to get financial freedom is by letting your money work for you. You must create passive Income so that in the future you can achieve your dream life. 

How can you create Passive income? Well, there are several ways you can do that. I’ll show you a few of them.


Leasing properties

Leasing is the perfect example of passive income, cause no matter what you will receive your money every month. 

So, What do you have for leasing? A room, a property or even a car.

Here is a super cool page for renting your car. You just create an account, post your car and start earning money!

passive income ideas


Drop shipping and e commerce

You can start an online store and do drop shipping, you basically are going to sell something you don’t own and just do marketing part. You’ll let the manufacturer do the delivery and start earning online income.passive income ideas

what type of e-commerce should you do?

Well, there are many niches you can pick, my recommendation is to choose a specific niche, model a profitable business that is doing it and sell small products with more than $25 dollars of profit. You must choose products that people aren’t selling in physical stores.

passive income ideas

When doing drop shipping you are going to sell a problem solver, a product that people didn’t know they needed.

They are going to be so eager to have them that as soon as they see your product they will buy it. 

You can learn more about drop-shipping in my course!

Invest in the stock market

You should open an account in a financial company, an create a stock portfolio. There are different types of portfolios you can create depending on the amount of risk you are willing to have. This option is so much better than having your money in a normal bank account, cause it won’t grow and if your country has some inflation you may loose a bit. Go with a financial expert an open an account, just be careful on the amount of risk, I recommend diversify your portfolio with some low risk and some high risk stocks. 


passive income ideas


An E book is a great example of Passive Income

One perfect example of passive income online is by selling your knowledge. You can create a book about your favorite topic and sell it. You only do the hard work once, and once your book is finished you just have to sell it. 

If you are not an writer expert you should look at this page, it has been very helpful for me. 

 passive income ideas

Become an affiliate Marketer

This is the best way to make passive income for me! I used to think that making money on a blog wasn’t possible, that promoting other people’s products couldn’t be for me. I started my blog a year ago and started doing affiliate marketing, I didn’t had many followers and didn’t know how to send traffic to my site. Today I do it for living, I can do things I love, travel and be with my family while I my blog is making money for me!

I can show you how to make the best out of affiliate Marketing


passive income ideas

If you want to learn the secrets of affiliate marketing, you should hear them from an expert!

Get paid by using facebook or social medias passive income ideas

Yes! You heard right, you can get paid by using your own facebook, instagram or any social media platform that you want. Instead of wasting time on bad tv shows, or doing nothing use that time to earn some money. 


In conclusion I would like to say that you can continue doing what you like, your Job and activities. You just need to add some of these tips and you will start felling more free and capable of doing things you couldn’t. 


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