Which social media platform is for you?

You first need to understand where is your target audience, so that you can be there. So I’ll ask you, which social media platform if for you? Who is your target audience? Men, Women, age, interests, locations, etc..

Ana Arenas Likes to explain to her customers how getting a good approach on social media is essential! Whether you are targeting people on Instagram, with an influencer and having a sales funnel that redirects your traffic to your website. Or you prefer to use Facebook. With the power of the Facebook pixel target your actual clients and people who will buy from you. 

We believe that when it comes to marketing tools, is not just having a Facebook page. I get this a lot! People telling me, at least I have a Facebook Page. Let me tell you that is not enough! 


What social media tools do i need?

The sales world is changing constantly. You need to keep up and have the latest technology. The game is the same, but there are new players and new rules. We dig deep into your industry, market and niche to analyze which social media tools are right for you. 

Ana Arenas’ team like to keep it simple but be on top. We are well experience on all of the platforms and latest technologies. So, now is time to think your crapy website, forgotten Facebook and annoying emails are going to bring in clients? Would you buy from someone like that? 

the latest technology is expensive?

That is a wrong misperception. Not all the things that are good are expensive. I cannot tell you now how much does your social media marketing would cost. We do a personalized car for every driver, but don’t worry is not expensive. 

I remember my professor in college told me once. We where talking about expensive services. He told me, Ana what’s more expensive a premium service or a cheap one plus its mistakes? The reality is that we end up paying more for mistakes, than for a premium service. 

Here is another reason. Your actual sales, are your current sales, plus the sales you didn’t receive. So if you didn’t receive some sales because you where doing this wrong like on paid media, how much are you loosing? 

We don’t believe we are over charging our clients when it comes to social media. We justify our services and get you a quickly return on the investment. 


I'm ready to increase my sales

Let us make you an analysis, and see how we can help you. Let us tell you where are you leaving the money and how to get it back. We will make you a detailed proposal on which social media platforms to use. Lets discuss our services and our plan for you to increase your sales by 20% in 90 days! How’s that sounds? 

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Now the change is in your hands, social media is not a thing to forget now. We are in a very competitive world with many competitors going around our clients. With Ana Arenas we know that, we also now how to manage your media and which ones to use. Today like having a cellphone, is having a website and Facebook, their mandatory.