How to become a leader on your niche? Its not only about selling or getting clients… its much more. A leader company stands out, is congruent and has a WHY. Here are some selling techniques, that will help you become a leader. 

One of the most important things that you need as a leader and a company is to be congruent with everything you do. That you build brand identity and everything matches your brand, even you. You can be someone you are saying you are, and act differently.

Establish a WHY, a reason for doing everything you do. That would be the difference between you and your competitor. Remember know one can copy your why, and your esense. Pick a leading company, like apple or nike. They both have why, and all the people who follow them believe in the same things. 

I’m not sure if you know this, but 80% of our purchasing decisions are based on our subconscious, Whatever we believe in our minds, the ideas, thoughts and beliefs that we may have are the ones that decide what do we like, and what not. All of the companies that match our subconscious are the one we are picking up. 

So if you believe in changing the way of doing things, you probably like apple. You like it, even though you aren’t aware. If you analize why you go there, instead of going to another brand that has similar computers and phones, you probably wouldn’t be able to answer. Because you don’t know why you like apple, your subconscious does. 

Extra things that make the difference from your competitors

1.- Give value for FREE

  • Blogging

This could be a way of giving value for free. People are always searching for answers, you should be the one giving them. Remember that when you are doing a blog, you are giving away value for free, you are educating and guiding people. People would be grateful with you, and won’t forget this. A Blog could be a perfect way to create loyal clients.

  • Coupons

Give away coupons, a discount. This will stimulate the buyers, because they are gaining more. When people have less to loos they take faster decisions. If they don’t like your product, it wasn’t so expensive.

  • Free Trials

If this applies to your business, do it. Nothing is better than trying something for yourself. You eliminate all of your doubts. Sometimes people hold onto a decision because they had questions and preferred no to risk something. 

  • Free course/ webinar

This is another option if it applies to you. It’s the same goal as in a free trial. If you are a consulting or service company give a free course pointing out what you do and how benefits the people, this will attract customer to you.

2.- Get active on social media

Not all of the social medias work the same, and for the same goals. Depending on what you want is the type of media you should be using.

Get active, post regularly and create a community. People who are loyal to you and care for you. You should be publishing what you did on step 1.

3.- Create Leads

The goal of the FREE material and social media is to get leads. To get possible client’s emails and they make a sale. Manage your leads on email campaigns or your social media accounts. The secret here is to know how to convert a cold audience into a warm audience. From being a stranger to being friends. This is a hard process that will take some time, but once you do it, you will be going into a new ocean of clients.

4.- Create a community

Whoever has the clients is the one that has the power. Remember its not just about selling, its about creating a relationship. Create a Facebook group or continue nurturing your followers on your socia media accounts, this will make you invincible. 

5.- Partner with key people

You can choose influencers and create a collaboration. You can join with other business people or leaders. When you combine forces you have better results. 

If you use instagram, making an influencer post about your products is key. Instagram is about modeling and trying to have influencer’s life. 

6.- Continue Learning

If you want to continue on the top, you must educate yourself always. Never stop learning and growing. 

Join courses, read books and articles. This will make your business grow exponentially. 


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