Make the best of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is anyones best friend, because you can write about what you love, anywhere in the world, with no money, at anytime and still make good money. 

That’s the perfect description of a job right?

I always were in love of the idea of living my own life with my own rules. The problem was that I hated my job and my boss and had to be in the office more time than in my house.

I discovered some of the best affiliate programs and started doing them just for fun!

After 6 months I looked at my account and have thousands of visitors and started receiving more money than in my frustrating job.

My Affiliate marketers secrets

I will show step by step how I get to my success.

1.- Pick a name and buy a domain

Its your first step and the one that will grow with you. A name represents a company, person or thing. The name that you pick will get value with time and will be worth a quite of money. 

Choose a name that is easy to pronounce, short and describes what you are doing!

I picked my name because I write about my life, success and things that I do.

Buying a name is super cheap and easy, I usually do it with Bluehost because you get the SSL certificate, domain and WordPress for only $2.95, which is practically nothing!!


affiliate marketing

2.- Getting started with WordPress

Once you have a domain install WordPress. First you must select a theme, there are a few themes that are free. If you are just starting out I don’t recommend you to buy one. 

Second, start creating your menus and pages. 

You have to create some content like a welcome page, Contact, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. Add some text on them.

3.- Select a Niche

This is a must rule, you have to write about something you feel passionate about. Basically you can write about anything, there is money to make in any niche. 

Some niche examples could be: Fishing, cooking, fitness, online marketing, beauty tips, parenting, babies, home, etc

4.- Where to find products to sell?

In Clickbank you can sell basically anything, pick a product from your niche, get the affiliate link and start promoting.

Another thing you can do is type in google the name of a brand you like or type in google best affiliate programs, and you will get their affiliate site.


affiliate marketing

Click on the word Promote and get the link, you must also click on the affiliate page and see all the products they have for you to offer. 

5.- Creating your posts

There are multiple sites you can use to create a post or you can just install the performance plugin. 

When creating a post I recommend to follow the  Yoast SEO plugin to have a better performance on google. 

Use at least 4 images to create a better content. Separate you post with headings. 

affiliate marketing

Use the Keysearch page to organize your keywords in your post. (If you click this link you can get a 20% with the code “KSDISC”.)

Using keywords is super important because is what google will check about your post and depending on the demand of your keywords is how you will get ranked on Google.

affiliate marketing

Adding your affiliate links

You can add links to some words to promote your affiliate links, and make them open in a new tab! You can get affiliate links by typing affiliate programs and your favorite brand in Google. You can also use other tools like JvZoo and ClickBank.

6.- Getting Organic Traffic

The key about this business is to create an affiliate network.

I use Pinterest, google and forums to create organic traffic. If you want to learn about Pinterest read this post.

If using Google, create an account on google search console and optimize it for better results.

Another organic method you can use is to participate in forum and comment in other people’s posts. This will start sending traffic to your site.

Facebook is another key tool. Get in facebooks groups and start posting on them. You will be amazed about the reaction of the people.

affiliate marketing


Repeat all of this steps, continue making posts. If you want to be an extraordinary company, you should see my secrets that made me build a 6-figure business.

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