Make Pinterest your best Traffic Source

When I started blogging I thought I needed to pay for traffic, I didn’t understood the organic methods and never thought Pinterest could be the best source.

The thing with Pinterest is that people are going through pictures to look for something, whether is for learning or buying they are open to see anything. With other social pages like facebook, People aren’t looking to buy something, so you need to make a great ad in order to convince them.

How to start with Pinterest…

First of all, the good part about it is that is FREE, yes is the best organic method I know. You need to create a business account, because it will let you see the analytics and your improvements.

Login an create an amazing account.

Search for a name that goes with what you are doing

Select a good picture, with good resolution and about you or your business

Add your other accounts like site, facebook, instagram



This is very cool to do, you need to create board about subjects that go with your business. Don’t go crazy about it and start with a few, 10 could be a good number. You need to pin your articles in the board. 

If you start making tons of boards and you don’t have enough content your boards will be boring and won’t help your business.

You can pin on other people’s boards and reach more people that way. A person can follow your account and your boards and you will reach more people. How can you find board? 

I use this page to search for boards and is really helpful. 


Naming and descriptions

This is key to your growth, don’t just invent names to fill in spaces, select a name that describes your post and ad a good description. This is going to help you on your ranking. Using keywords can also be a good idea, you can search for keywords and use them in your article and titles and also in your Pinterest description a titles.



How to get more followers

There are 2 main things you can do to get more followers and boost your Pinterest.

Method 1

The first one is using Tailwind to schedule your pins. First you need to install the chrome extension and go to Pinterest, click on the photos you like and click on the Tailwind extension.

Then once you do like 10 photos go to Tailwind, click on drafts and choose a board for the pictures. You are going to create 3 photos using a good description and name, and insert them to Tailwind.


Third schedule all the photos, this is going to start posting the pictures on the time schedule and create more activity in your account, is the best way I know gain followers. 


Continue doing this process every day, you should pin around 10-15 photos and add 3 of yours into Tailwind!

Method 2

Using the old trick of follow and unfollow still works. Today many people say that this method doesn’t work, that is silly to do it.

In my opinion when you are starting out it definitely works, once you have some followers this is not the best method.

Get the app FollowLiker, install it and add your Pinterest account. You want to make people follow you.

You must set up this conditions:

  • add follow people who are followers of similar accounts as yours or in the same niche.
  • Add people who liked or pined the photos, this means who are actively users

This app is really cheap and is going to help you, remember that this business is about credibility. People like, comment and purchase from accounts with many followers because it gives them confidence. Everyone wants something that is trustful and really worth it, that’s why this is a good method to start your credibility!

If you want to follow a profecional’s secrets here we’ll show you how.

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