How to write cold emails that convert

Email marketing is one of the most engaging ways of marketing. It works for people who already know you and for people who are strangers to your company. Sending cold emails is a super powerful thing, if you know how to use them.

Some times people send a spammy email, and clients just won’t read it, even open it and you will loose your chance with them.

So what you should write on the email?? Where can you find the leads??

1.- Finding your leads (possible clients)

Using Google

If you search on Google your niche and city where you are you can get thousands of companies. I recommend choosing the ones that pay for ads on Google because they believe in marketing.

Get the owner’s name and contact him. 

Using Facebook

Go to a company’s facebook and click on the about page you can get their info there. Also you can look at the page, the likes and the engagement of the posts and see if they are good at marketing or not.

sending cold emails

Using LinkedIn

Contact the SEO of the companies you are interested on working with. Its easier to see the owners contact info on LinkedIn than other social media.


Many Unclaimed business on Yelp don’t even know they need help and they’re unclaimed. That is a good strategy for you. Also you can find other business which mediocre info and contact them.

sending cold emails

2. Writing a subject line for Cold emails

This is the most critical part of an email. Why? Because if you don’t write a good line people won’t even open your email.

What can you write on the subject line?? I recommend putting the company name.

  • Some ideas are:

Quick question about {Company}??

Can you handle more clients??

Did you know this about your website?

Are you still in business?

Your business is listed as unclaimed!

sending cold emails

3.- Intro… first  lines

We’ll remember you are a stranger to them, you don’t want them to think you are a stalker. Tell them where did you find out about them?? Also a good thing is to write a compliment.

Here is an idea…

” Hey {first name}, I just came across {!Company}  and I really love what with what you guys have going on.

Congrats on {!Portfolio Item}! My name’s {your name} and I’m the founder of {your company}.”

4.- Paragraph

Explain them your services, what do you do? Why should they trust you? You gotta warm up this cold Email.

Tell them something about you, how you’ve helped other clients, what are you offering. And the most important thing give them something for free, Yes for FREE. Give some value, make them something special. 

What can you offer for free??

A video, A report, an analysis about their company, a design…

sending cold emails

5. Conclusion

Remember that when sending a cold email you have to give your contact info, ask them to respond otherwise you will give the same offer to another company. 

Remember to do follow ups.

Wait for about 2 days and send them another email, and if they don’t respond, send another. Don’t give up on the first try.

2nd email content….

Subject line: Hey not sure if you read my email

Body: Ask them nicely if they saw your email, make a resume about the content, mention how you found them…

Make it brief. 2 Paragraphs. 

sending cold emails

3 email

Ask them if they are aware of the big opportunity they’re loosing, and if they know the thousands of clients they are loosing. At the end make a final question telling them if they are ready to grow their company and take it to the next level.

Once you have someone that responded give them a call, make them try your service and you’ll be getting a new client!

Don’t stop sending emails once you have them as clients, do follow ups and send them more info about something they may be interested in!


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