We all love to drink wine, red, white or rose, Its delicious and healthy. Have you ever hosted a dinner in your house or go to  a restaurant with friends and are talking, laughing and eating and you crave wine?? I think we all do. But do you actually know how many calories in red wine??

benefits of red wine

Calories in Red wine & White wine

The wine isn’t the one making you gain weight. Wine doesn’t have too many calories, the problem that when you drink more that 2 glasses the amount of ethanol in your body makes you eat more salty and fat food. 

I made you a table of calories in red wine, also in white. So you can get an idea of how many they are.

calories in red wine

Which wines have a higher ABV    (Alcohol By Volume)

I will show you here the range of alcohol in these types of grapes. The higher the % of ABV the lower the portion you should drink.

calories in red wine

Drinking wine is healthy?

Yes, it is. Of course everything comes in moderated portions. The wine looses its benefits if you drink the whole bottle. 

I really encourage you to drink more foods that contain resveratrol. This a component that if found in some foods like grapes, blueberries, cranberries, and peanuts. This component have several benefits such as sun protector and catalyst. 

Some of the benefits of red wine are:

Heart Health

Wine has many antioxidants that will help you decrease cardiometabolic risk

Prevents diabetes

Ethanol helps you with metabolizing glucose 

Helps reduce obesity

Red wine has revesterol, this acts as a catalyst and helps the body with the fat burn. Also learn how to cook healthy if you want to reduce obesity. 

Increases omega 3

Helps you raise omega 3 in plasma and in red blood cells. 

Breast cancer 

The aromatase inhibitors (AIs) that are in the red wine, helps reduce estrogen levels and increase tostesterone in women that are approaching the menopause. 

Anti Aging 

Women are often concern about aging. Well, good news red wine helps! Because of the amount of anti oxidants that helps you restore your collagen and elasticity in your skin. 

Protects you from sunburn

red wine helps you reduce the UV rays and can also help you from a major sunburn.

Healthy blood pressure

Some studies have found that procyanidins, compounds frequently  found in red wine, help keep the blood vessels healthy. 

Amount of alcohol in a bottle

The amounts that I mention here are based on a 11% ABV. A regular 5 oz glass has 11% of ABV. If the bottle has more % of ABV you should decrease the amount in your serving otherwise you will exceed the limits. 

If you drink more wine that the normal portion which is no more than 1 glass per day. you can develop long-term conditions such as cancer. 

Some wine advice

Never drink wine or any type of alcoholic beverage when you are hungry. This will only make you eat more than what you eat regularly. 

Never drink more than one glass a day, specially if the wine you like has a higher % of ABV.

Best gadgets for Wine

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How many calories in a glass of red wine

How many calories in a glass of red wine

best wine coolers

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