How do I get Real Estate Leads??

Increase your leads = Increase your business

If you are in the real estate business and need more leads, you are in the right place!

It doesn’t matter what size of business do you have, or how good you are at real estate, we all need more sales.

If you Increase your leads you will increase your sales, but how do you do that? Well, the truth is you can get it done online, we are all connected know. Everyone has at least one type of social media, and everyone uses their phones every day! You need to figure out which kind of media does your customer uses.

Personalized speach

I come across a common mistake that many people commit. They try to sell the same pitch to everyone! I always ask them this question,

Does a 60-year-old man have the same interest as a 25-year-old woman? No, the answer is no! So why send the same content?

Mature people like old school systems, they prefer to subscribe to an email list, and perhaps even a magazine or newspaper. They like commitment, consistency, and security.

Build something around that security, create a good blog post and an email list. Sell security, and people can’t afford to lose money or time, because they are ahead in their lives. These people don’t like risk and usually, don’t want to try new extreme things.

When selling them a property, sell them security!

Younger people like comfort. They can’t adapt or commit to the same thing too long and like change.

Use twitter to share engaging content and to reply to your potential customer’s content. Try to build a relationship 

People aren’t using Facebook to buy. They use Facebook to create and strengthen relationships. If you are selling here, try to tell a story. 

Instagram is for modeling and success. Make an influencer share your services and engage with their audience. Also, try to create an audience too. 

This is the perfect social media platform to create free traffic. People go to Pinterest to search for ideas, let them find you, and send them to your landing page!!

Is the perfect platform for businesses, try to connect and engage with your ideal clients. Your goal is to take the relationship offline. 

When it comes to videos, everything is better. We engage more with videos, than text. Create a channel, make videos and share them on your other social media accounts. 

Get your numbers...

The first goal here is to know your numbers. What are your goals when it comes to sales? How are you now, how do you want to be? What are you doing to achieve that goal? How many new clients can you handle? Set a goal, and then you will know what do you need to accomplish that. There are many ways to generate leads, and some are more expensive than others. Social media is one example of a good traffic source.

Create a relationship through a blog...

One thing is to attract leads through a traffic resource like social media, but another one is to engage and create a relationship with those visitors. A blog is a perfect example of doing that. Why? Because by creating a blog, you are answering a question. Give something for free, that someone else would probably charge for. 

Use the right keywords

When you write a blog, make sure you research the keywords. Find out what questions are the most popular and write an article around that. You may be able to rank high on Google if you do this. 

Leads with Twitter

People use Twitter to talk about all parts of the real estate transaction. So you can search Twitter for “Buying a house” “Selling Soon” “Thinking of moving” etc. And find people Tweeting about these things.

Next, you can attract them to you by offering them free guides and resources located on your website.

Youtube Ads super cheap

For 0.60 cents, you can create an ad on Youtube, and get leads for a very considerable price. 

Boost Facebook

1.- Facebook Groups
Join Facebook groups related to your niche and post relative content.
2.- Create an engaging business page
Make sure you have everything in its place. Create a good cover photo, profile picture, and summary.

3.- The power of the Pixel 

Use Facebook like a pro! Install the pixel, use Business Facebook and start, creating ads for the right people. Stop losing money by posting to people who won’t buy from you. 

LinkedIn Hacks

LinkedIn is super powerful; it has millions of users and has fantastic tools. You can research who exactly do you want to connect with, by choosing the niche, location, job position, etc. You can reach potential customers here. Learn how to send engaging messages and how to start a conversation. You need to remember the goal is to get the conversation offline. 

From cold to warm lead

How to sell to someone who doesn’t know you? Well, there are many ways; my favorite is through a funnel. When you send a lead to your funnel, you give them proof that you are an expert. In your funnel, you show them descriptions about the product, reviews, testimonials, photos, videos, etc. You show them why they can trust you and give them a bait… 

Give your lead a bait

Why a bait?
You need to open the door for a conversation. People don’t know you, remember. You need to give them a taste of what you are for free. A cool thing that bait has is that you will get the client’s email in return.

The perfect landing page

Well, I think this picture shows it all. It has a title, description, and a sneak peek of the product, image, call to action button, evidence, etc. 

What's next?

1.- Choose a social media 

2.- Post good content

3.- Engage with people

4.- Send traffic to a landing page

5.- Sell them 

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