Decorating a house can be done in many different ways, depending on taste, style, and budget. Here are some home decorating ideas, that in my opinion will give your house the special touch you where looking for.

 My favorite home decorating ideas:

1.- Best decorative pillows, that will turn around any space

A decorative pillow is the final touch of any room in your house. From your living room, to bedroom or kitchen a pillow can be the fine detail that will make the difference.

home decorating ideas

2.- Stylish carpets for any taste

I love having carpets in my house. I usually put them in my bedroom, living room, dining table, closet, anywhere!!! A carpet makes you feel cozy and fashion at the same time.

3.- Give some elegance to your place with some flowers

who doesn’t love flowers?? I love the colors and textures of them, I usually buy synthetic for inside the house and real flowers for outside. In my house, there are flowers of many types and colors depending on the color pattern of the room and the level of elegance I want. 

home decorating ideas

4.- How to decorate your bedroom

This is a very common question? You want your room to be cozy but nice at the same time. Choosing your bed and accessories is a big thing, because you will have them every day. You must choose a color and a texture you feel comfortable with.

home decorating ideas

5.- Why does every girl need a vanity tray??

A vanity tray help you stay organized, is an easy way to decor your bathroom, makes your perfumes or makeup stand out and if you ad flowers it will look even better. 

home decorating ideas

6.- Why should everyone decorate with mirrors?

Adding a mirror to your bedroom, living room, bathroom can make the difference. You can just ad a mirror as the only decorating and that be it. Also it reflects your personality though out your house. 

home decorating ideas

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