Are you located in Frisco, and are looking for an SEO company. I’m Ana, and I do SEO & Online Marketing services in Frisco.

Frisco SEO experts

frisco seo

We are an expert agency that knows SEO, paid ads, Facebook Ads, sales funnels, email marketing, and much more.
What’s Search engine Optimization (SEO), stands for optimizing your website with its keywords, content, images, links, etc. so that you can rank on Google.
What’s the point of having a website if you don’t receive clients from it and if no one sees it?

Why in Frisco?

frisco seo
We are located in Tomball, Texas. However, we run an online company, and you need services online, so you don’t need us to be in Frisco. You instead prefer to type Frisco SEO and found us there.
If you are reading this page, then you found us on Google. There is our power, and we can prove you then we know SEO.

SEO for your local business, right?

If you are looking to promote your business in Frisco Texas? When using SEO in Frisco, you’ll stand out, and when someone types Doctors near me or Real Estate Agencies in, you’ll be there.
You won’t succeed by yourself. I bet you already have a website and have some trouble promoting it? Do you don’t have a big budget for Paid per click or Investing a lot on Facebook?
Instead, if you rank on google and the keyword “Doctors near me” has a search volume of 2,000 times, what percentage of those 2,000 will you be getting if you are in 1st or 2nd?

frisco seo

Marketing agencies in Frisco tx can help you finish the conversion.
The first step is to get traffic. We’ll use Google to bring traffic to our website. This traffic will be warm, cause people want to solve that particular problem they are having. If we ask them for their information and send them a valuable email after they left out the website, chances are we’ll convert them.


Organic vs. paid traffic

SEO is organic traffic. You may have to make an initial investment to set everything up. Once your website has everything, you will receive leads on autopilot.
Paid traffic means that you will create a campaign on Google Adwords and every time someone clicks on your link you’ll pay Google.
The problem with this is that many times people aren’t buying they are just looking and you’ll have to pay anyway.
Paid traffic do works; the only thing is that it requires a bigger budget.

My recommendation is to bet for the long run. If you do things well since the beginning and you optimize your SEO, you’ll end up saving time, money, and increasing your revenue.

I will also recommend you to optimize your social media accounts. Have more than one, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, they all work.
The more traffic sources you have, the faster you’ll rank. You need to have a blog and create guest posts on other sites. Google is a must, and Youtube helps you as well.

frisco seo


Do Facebook ads and Review sites will help my SEO?

Sure, if you have another traffic source, you’ll tell Google that you have credibility and also it creates backlinks to your website. 

Having review sites like Yelp, Yellow pages or any other page will help you tremendously. These pages will send traffic to your website and will also give you a backlink. Backlinks are links from external websites that link to yours. The websites that are ranking on the first page of Google are usually websites that have higher domain authority, backlinks and receive traffic from other keywords that they are ranking. 

Which niches do you help?

As long as you are in Frisco and need some help improving your SEO and social media accounts, you are fine. You can be a doctor, chiropractic, real estate agent, dentist, consultant, restaurant owner; you name it!
We help different types of clients and niches.

Other services from a Frisco SEO expert:

• Site structure
• Internal linking strategies
* keyword analysis and competitive research
* Several Traffic sources
* Social media
* Google my business
* Content creation
* External links
* Guest blog posts
* Sitemap
* Google analytics and search console
* Sales funnels