Flowers give the perfect touch of life and style. Decorating with flowers is super fun, easy and inexpensive… Here is an example of my favorites.

Either adding real or fantasy flowers, you can still have lots of fun.

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How to decorate your kitchen with flowers

1.- Put a colorful flower vase in the middle of the kitchen, look how the vivid colors of the flowers contrast your white kitchen.

2.- White flowers in a white kitchen can make it look nice, elegant and in harmony. 

3.- Orange is a warm color, kitchens are warm places and somewhere where you have lots of family life. Ad a warm touch with these flowers.

decorating with flowers

Decorating with flowers your living room

1.- Keep it simple and ad contrast to your living room with a small red flower vase. Look in this picture how the whole room is with the same colors, and the only vivid color is the flower.

2.- Make white flowers the center of your table. You can also give more importance to your white flowers, but giving the room some harmony. 

3.- Green plants can go with basically anything. Weather you put them in the corner or in the table, will make your room smell nicer and look nicer.

decorating with flowers

Ad an extra to your room with flowers

1.- Use a pitcher as vase and ad some white flowers… If you like relaxing rooms, this style is great… This room is classic, it has an old painting, old clock and a pitcher can go with it perfectly.

decorating with flowers

2.- Blue duvet, blue flowers. Matching the color of your flowers with your duvet can turn around your room. You won’t even need a lot of accessories, if these two match. 

3.- Ad a feminine touch with pink flowers. If you decide to have your room with the same colors, ad a little detail with the flowers. You can pick any color you like. 

Bathrooms should have flowers

1.- All Whites with a girly touch. This bathroom looks elegant, feminine, powerful and sophisticated. If you look carefully, you will notice they just aded some flowers, nothing else. But the contrast in the colors is amazing. 

2.- I love orchids. They are one of my favorite flowers. Some bathrooms are very small and you really can do a lot in them, but adding an orchid pot will be the only thing it needs.

decorating with flowers

3.- If you have a vanity tray in your bathroom, you can ad a pitcher with some flowers. You can ad any type of flower. 

decorating with flowers

Some details....

If you have an empty wall, in your house ad a flower base. Look the difference in this example.

Before… No details….

decorating with flowers

After…. With some flowers… Look how the room is complete. 

decorating with flowers

This flowers are synthetic, the base is made of aluminum. They are very light and super modern.

decorating with flowers
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