Best ways to send Bulk emails

This is a good question; when I was first starting, I had a wrong idea about email marketing. I hated email marketing for me; it was spammy and annoying! 

I did pay attention to some emails I received, they send valuable information, but the majority where just spammy!

How to send emails without ending on the spam section? Does email marketing is hard work? Do I have to put in a lot of work? 

The answer to all of those questions is no! 

Where to get the leads? No leads, no business!

Build a funnel that attracts your visitors and asks them for their email in exchange for content. Give away something that someone would probably charge for!


First, become the best friend of a marketing tool

I always choose the tool Get Response!  

It doesn’t matter what type of company you have, create an email list! The size of an audience measures the power of a brand! Create an audience, don’t sell them all the time, send them content, tutorials, and value, build a relationship!  

Email Marketing Secrets for getting 2x more subscribers

#1. Create a Contextual Content Offer

If you’re a conventional marketer, you likely have a little opt-in box at the bottom of all your posts.

And like most marketers, your readers are likely ignoring this opt-in completely. 

Create an opt-in box with a valuable offer. 

When your content offer lacks context, you use the same download for all posts, regardless of their content.

If you write about Facebook Ads, create an offer around Facebook ads. 

The following content types work best for content upgrades:

  • Checklists: Checklists condense the content into a short, actionable list. Use them on long blog posts (3k words and over).
  • List of tools: For case studies and how-to’s, consider using a list of tools used as the content upgrade. This is also an excellent way to make some affiliate commissions.
  • Supplemental content: For listicles, consider supplementing the base post with additional content. For example, you could offer a list of 10 things, but keep one item from the list in the content upgrade.
  • Visual content: Video walkthroughs, infographics, Slideshare presentations, etc. that summarize and supplement the post’s content work very well on all post types.

#2. Place Your Opt-in Form in the Right Location

Where should you place your email opt-in form(s)?

If you answered everywhere, you are somewhat right.

Even at the risk of developing ‘opt-in blindness’ (which is like banner blindness, but for email forms), make sure that you place the opt-in form at the following locations:

#1. Top of the page

The first place to keep your form is at the very top of the page, usually in the form of a ‘Feature Box.’

#2. Bottom of the post

Anyone who makes it to the bottom of your post is like totally into you. These are your hardcore readers. Your superfans.

That’s why bottom-of-the-post opt-ins are fantastic. They capture the True Believers and put them into a tidy little database so you can sell them stuff. Have to love the fangirls.

Here’s what makes a good bottom-of-the-post opt-in:

  • Emphasize that the reader can get more of the benefit they were searching for when they came upon the post they just finished reading (remember ascension).
  • Focus on the benefits they’ll receive when they sign up (and “no” receiving updates from your newsletter isn’t a benefit… not really).
  • Reassure readers that it is free to sign-up, that they can unsubscribe anytime, and you won’t ever spam them.

#3. Sidebar

The jury is still out on the effectiveness of sidebars in our mobile-friendly page. If you do have a sidebar on your blog, however, it’s an excellent choice to include an opt-in form on it. Why not, right?

#4. Thank You Pages

I’m honestly surprised more marketers aren’t doing this.

Thank You pages are a great way to convert departing readers into subscribers. An even better way to slap a big “THANK YOU FOR ORDERING” surprise gift for the customer that just purchased from you.

And since they’re going to be hitting this opt-in after having just signed-up/downloaded/purchased something, these readers are “warm” and will respond better. A lot better.

Leadpages uses this wonderfully well (They’re geniuses. I love them and their mad scientist ways). Once you sign-up for the trial, you see this page asking you to sign-up for their webinar:


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