The importance of Organic SEO

What is your business about? Marketing, Health, Real Estate? It doesn’t matter what you do, at this moment someone is searching for your services. If you aren’t on the first page of Google, you probably need organic SEO services.

The Goal of Google is to end searches, to solve questions. Help Google end that question, by you being on the first page.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, requires some arrangements on your site. You must optimize your speed, images and content. For instance, if you are a dentist, the words Dentist near me or top dentist, Dentist in city “X”, should be on your site. If you have a dentist site, but you don’t use strategically these keywords you won’t rank.

organic seo

What is Local SEO

Local SEO is about ranking with keywords that require your location. Dentists near me, Best dentist in town, Top Dentist in Los Angeles, etc. That is super valuable, imagine that a phrase has 2,300 monthly searches and you are on top, what percentage of that volume will you get? That’s the power of local SEO, to be able to rank for keywords that require your location.

Organic SEO

Do you know how is your competitor and how you are? Do you know from where your traffic is coming? How many keywords have you on first page? Don’t worry if you are not an expert on SEO or ranking factors. Worry about not doing anything! 

When you work with us we use some SEO techniques. We analyze your potential and your main keywords. If you hire an SEO expert, like Ana Arenas we will make sure that you rank for high volume keywords, that you appear on organic searches.

Organic SEO VS Paid SEO

If you have a bigger budget you can use PPC. Pay per click (PPC), works the only thing is that EVERYONE will click you add, even if they are not potential buyers. 

However the majority of people prefer to click on organic results, that’s just it. They won’t make you spend a dime by clicking your search. You can retarget them later, with your pixel. 

SEO for blogs

We highly recommend you to start a blog! If you already have one, we should optimize it so that it can rank. A blog is a super powerful thing to do. First, a blog gives value away for free, an engages your audience. Second, a blog can help you rank with more keywords. When using appropriate SEO for your blog, you can rank with hundreds of keywords. 

organic seo

Link Building

In order to rank we need to build links on your site. We need Inbound links, which are links that connect your pages. We need outbound links, which are lead that redirect to external pages. 

We need links on our social media accounts to link to our site. After that make sure you have content on other pages and search pages like yelp.

In other words, the more the traffic the source has and the more our website will rank. 

How do I pick keywords?

Don’t worry, we’ll help you pick the right keywords for you. We have the best tools in hand that will help us see the level of difficulty.

The harder the keyword the longer it takes to rank. 

Pick longer keywords

Its easier to rank for Local marketing agency in Los Angeles, than to rank for digital agency in LA. Add some words to your keyword to make it easier to rank. 

How much does it costs to rank?

The prices are not as expensive as these job looks. We build a package for you. You must keep in mind that if you want to start with the least, it will take longer to rank. 

In conclusion, if you are not on the first page of Google, you are leaving money on the table. Give us a call, and let us help you!!