When I was younger I always accompanied my mom to buy decorative stuff. She had amazing style and always choose amazing things at amazing prices. For my mom, buying decorative pillows was one of her favorites things to buy. 

Now I have my house full of them and they really make the difference, just like my mom said.

Here are some of my favorites:

The best part is that they are all beyond $$12.99!!!!

Main Bedroom

The master bedroom, is one of the best places in the house. So it had to be you, it has to reflect your personality, with your favorite colors but in a chic way. 

Here are some fabulous ideas..


TV Room

For this room I choose lighter pillows and cozier ones. The TV room if the room where you get to forget all of you stress, is a family room and one of the favorites.




A pillow in a chair or couch will make it look better…

Best compliment you can choose…

Some decorative pillows for any room..

Green tones...

If you like strong solid colors for any room, I will ad this lighter pillows with green touches. This will give balance and contrast your room.

For Golden Moods

For me Golden means, classic, elegant and stylish…. I can ad this tones for white/beige rooms, black, brown, blue, green.

For any strong color, theres always a need for a sparkle…

Puffy pillow cases...

Puffy pillows are one of my favorite… Because they have the ability to give a chic style to any room… If you live with teenagers or like modern style, you should try these.

Geometric style....

This Geometric pillows are great if you know how to use them, since they are strong pillows you may want to use them on light, simple spaces. 


Furry pillows with gold feather can give both a chic and a classic style. I would recommend them in a with couch or white bed!

Classic Grey...

If you want neutral colors like grey and white… Here are some of my favorites!

Sometime we don’t to ad too many colors to a room, like s nursery, office or bedroom.. and that’s fine. There are thousands of patterns you can choose from and they can go with basically anything!

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