I used to think that my relationship was “Normal” compared on the ones in movies or famous people. I mean my life was pretty ordinary, so how could my relationship could ever be extraordinary?  We’ll here are my couple goals that have helped me through out anything!

I realize that the small “ordinary” things in life are the best couple goals you could ever ask for! 


Ana’s couple goals! My list of the special things in life I called my ” extraordinary moments”.

1.- Sharing the same goals in life

You and your parter can have different professions and jobs, but sharing a same goal in life is what’s going to make you fight together even in the hardest moments. 

couple goals

2.- Every day details

We get caught on the daily routine and busy life, we sometimes forget to make a special surprise for our loved ones. Try to make something special everyday even if it looks silly or not special at all!

couple goals

3.- Sharing a hobby

I love to do something with my boyfriend that be both love. For us horses are our hobby, we love riding together and sharing something we both love… Whats yours?

couple goals

4.- Being best friends

I love dating my best friend, my partner in crime and my everything. It just makes it perfect when you have your lover and your best friend always.

couple goals

5.- Always try new things

Don’t get caught in the routine, try new things like going to new restaurants, bowling or new places you haven’t been before.

couple goals

6.- Be proud of your love’s success

I am always happy to my boyfriend succeed, I feel as if I where the one doing it. one of my main couple goals is to always support him in everything he tries. 

couple goals

7.- Comfort each other

Some days aren’t as good as they should be, but they do feel better when you have someone comforting you. 

couple goals

8.- Share you favorite dessert

Eating sweets together is better than eating the alone. 

9.- Dressing up together

Sometime we have events and if we dress up together the party is better. 

couple goals

10.- Wearing matching PJ’s

Its super fun…

couple goals

11.- Laugh at each other’s jokes

Even if the joke is not funny laughing makes the relationship easier, funnier and better.

couple goals

12.- Exercise together

Going on Sunday for a run or riding a bike is super fun.

couple goals

13.-  Being together, even if you are apart:

If you have to be somewhere else, a text or call makes you feel like you are together!

couple goals

14.- Travel the world together:

Travel with your partner in crime is one of the best things I have ever done. 

couple goals

15.- Lazy Sundays in bed:

After a hectic week, movies, eating and bed sounds like a perfect match.

couple goals

16.- Making him/her dinner:

Don’t loose the romantic dates and lovely gestures. Making dinner is on of the things that should never stop.

couple goals

17.- Everyday is valentines:

Make everyday a valentine’s day, never forget the romantic gestures.

couple goals

18.- Bubble Bath:

Make you love a bubble bath, and enjoy it with him/her.

couple goals

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