The secrets of a 6-figure business.

Starting an online business is something anyone can do. Good or bad we all can sell something on Amazon, or do affiliate marketing, start a blog and get some traffic. But what differs a 6-figure business from a mediocre one is the amount of leads they have.

Have you ever gone to a store and give them your email, and as soon as you live the store you already have an email from them?

Do you read those emails? Do you save the coupons they send you? How do they even know what do you like?

Well, that is a super easy strategy, and very fun to do.

A quick intro

There are many apps you can use to make this strategy, and you need to understand that this is for any type of business. It doesn’t matter if it’s a physical store or an online, you must save leads.

What is a lead?

A lead is an email or a contact, is the term we will be using in this post.

You need to collect leads everyday and start to classify them.

You need to separate:

The people who purchased

The ones who added to cart but didn’t buy

And the people who gave you their email but leaved the page

You will start sending them different types of information.

How to start my 6-figure business??

The first thing you need to do is to purchase an email marketing tool. There are thousands of them. 

Why? Well 6-figure business owners understand that the key to success is behind the scenes.

If you ask me which app to use, I will tell you to buy Get Response. Get Response has super low prices, and it’s also very friendly to use.

You can try it here for 30 days!

a 6-figure business

The first step

A Pop Up form

Once you have an account you need to start doing Pop Ups and landing pages, there are many different templates you can use. I will show you how.

A pop up, its a from where they ask you for your email when you go into a site. They trick here is to give something for FREE. No one is going to give you an email just like that, you need to give them value.

What are some ideas of FREE gifts? Depending on your store you can give coupons, free books, free passes, free courses, free products or samples.

A Pop up should look like this. 

a 6-figure business


Landing Pages

A landing page is a page that appears as soon as you do something. Like for example if you purchase from the store it automatically sends you to a page that says thank you and maybe they recommend you similar products.

Another example could be maybe when you are going through your Facebook, and you see an add that is very attractive to you, they are giving you for FREE a course, you login in, given them your email (very clever, they have your lead!) and see the course.

Normally this courses are about an hour long, Then when the course is about to finish they send you a message telling you there is a super offer you can’t miss. This offer could be their complete course and you are so engaged on it that you buy it.

The page that you are seeing when you click on the offer is a landing page.

All of the 6-figure business I know use some kind of free value strategy to get leads.

a 6-figure business
The must haves of a landing page

Good quality images of the product or service

Bright colors in text and backgrounds

Reviews from people who has purchased it

At least one video

Pros of the product, why you should have it

A discount on the price, and the original prices crossed down

If you can give Bonuses, make them a package

Must ask for their email!!!

This landing page is more convertible than a regular page on your site. 

a 6-figure business

We have leads, whats next?

Ok, so you have leads. Your landing pages and pop ups are working.

Your visitors are giving you their emails.

You have to plan a 20 week schedule where your Get Response will be automatically sending the emails.

You can start by making a newsletter.

Here you choose from many templates.

a 6-figure business


Once you have your newsletter, create a workflow.

A workflow is a flow that you will create in Get Response and will program when to send your newsletters and to whom.

You maybe do a workflow for people who actually purchased from you, and then you will offer them something similar. 

Then if they open the email, you will send another offer 3 days later.

If they don’t open it, you maybe will send them a coupon 2 days later.

The point is to create a flow that will lasts for about 20 weeks, don’t spam your customers, wait for 2-3 days before you send them another email.

The secret of a 6-figure business here is not to be on the spam. You must send values and not boring emails.

a 6-figure business




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