The linkup acquisition formula

We help businesses get to their desire level with our organic formula.

"Where I'm at now with my Business to where I was prior to having this system is simply Night and Day.."
Susan w.

target only the right people

Targeting without focus is hard and expensive. Don’t waste your money and time pitching people who aren’t ready for you. 

We help b2b businesses

Connect with the RIGHT people, using the RIGHT messaging formula. We help them lose the pain of acquiring new clients, hoping that they will come in with referrals. 

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create an automated machine

Our clients use our LinkUP acquisition formula to build an organic lead generation machine. By implementing our system you will be able to generate 5-10 consistent qualified leads every week. 

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how our system works

target the right people

WHO is your ideal client, WHAT does he wants, WHERE can you find him, HOW do you communicate with him.

connect with your prospects

We will help you create a personalized message that resonates with the needs and desires of your prospect.


How to break the ice and go from being a stranger to a client? Learn how to engage and build trust.

Build authority

How be seen as an authority in you niche.

create a system

Create an automated system that brings you expected results every month. The time of hoping and praying to get new clients is gone.


Learn how to convert a lead. How to close a sell and make your prospects eager to buy.

take your business to another level

Our services


We’ll help you implement the LinkUp acquisition system. We’ll work 1-on-1 with you and your team.  You will start generating consistent 5-10 leads every week with our system. 

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Done for you

If you don’t have the team or the time, we’ll do it for you. We develop and implement the system. We will deliver hot leads on your calendar!

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the linkup acquisition formula

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